The nexus 5 pictures…

Here are the renders and images of the nexus 5.

this was the closest render to the mobile, expect the front panel to be a bit different though!

This was the closest render to the mobile, expect the front panel to be a bit different though!


This is the back of the nexus,  38-39 seconds into the video

This is the back of the nexus, 38-39 seconds into the video..

The bezels are tiny! this has to be based on the G2.

The bezels are tiny! this has to be based on the G2.


Nexus 5 official(ish) design

This is at 38-30 seconds

This is at 38-39 seconds

As most of you have all heard, the next android iteration is called ‘4.4 kitkat’. Google uploaded a new video introducing the new version, in the video the statue is unveiled and put up, but as many people are taking photos of it on their cameras and nexus devices, an unknown mobile nexus device is spotted, and to the right is a nexus 4 and behind it, is what looks to be a galaxy nexus. If the mobile is the nexus, it has the same; Landscape logo as the nexus 7 2013 edition,                                                                                                                                              is created by LG (it has the logo on the back)                                                                                                                                       has a bigger screen than the nexus 4 (the nexus 4 on the right of  it is smaller, the n5 possibly has a 5.2 inch screen)                                        and finally, as rumours suggest, it has the shares the same design language as the nexus 4.

When the Nexus 5 is shown, the Nexus 4 and Galaxy Nexus is also shown. Does this mean all three of these devices will get android 4.4? The majority of android enthusiasts were gutted that the next iteration of android is not 5.0 but instead is 4.4, does this mean it is another small update? I don’t think so, if it was it wouldn’t have a new name. Maybe Google has a medium sized update on the way, I am sure Google wouldn’t début its new flagship with another small update, the update has to be large.

What do you think, write your answers in the comments below.

The best budget phone?

The lumia 520 (red)

The lumia 520 (red)

If you are looking for the greatest budget mobile, then the best ‘bang for your buck’ has to be the Nokia Lumia 520 . Although it does not have the  most attractive spec sheet, the less resource hungry windows mobile os is super snappy on the 4 inch gorgeous display. Priced at only £79.95 on pay as you go, this handset makes a great ‘back to school’ gift for your children. But as all mobiles have their pros and cons, the lumia is no exception. At its tempting price tag the lumia 520 sacrifices a flash for the main camera and also does not possess a forward facing camera. But for £159.95 the lumia 620 boasts all these features and even packs a compass. Not forgetting the free offline maps to help you navigate your way around the country and on the 620, the whole of Europe. The nexus 4 however, also costs £159  on the Google Play Store, I believe the nexus 4 is much better for the pocket as it still rivals with today’s flagships.

To conclude, the Lumia 520 is the best budget handset for under £100. If you have a larger budget, than the Nexus 4 is the best purchase, but before parting with your hard earned cash, we urge everyone to play around with both devices in-store to see which one is best for you. So which handset do you  think is better, the Nexus 4, the lumia 620 or the lumia 520? Let us know in the comments below.

HTC One Max or the Galaxy Note 3?

The supposed Htc one max

The supposed Htc one max

We have been asked a lot about which phablet to buy recently, but seeing as neither have been released it is hard to make a decision. If you are looking for apps such as ‘s memo’ then maybe Samsung is the company for you, but HTC’s sense 5 interface is a lot more cleaner and faster then Samsung’s somewhat laggy interface.

Nexus 4 price cuts

The already cheap nexus 4 has been discounted even more.

The already cheap nexus 4 has been discounted even more.

The nexus 4’s price has been slashed to £159, does this mean the nexus 5 release date is imminent? If you are stuck in deciding whether to wait for the device or purchase it now, we recommend buying it as no other device in that price range will will have specs matching it.

Is this the Nexus 5?

Lg has been tipped to make the upcoming Google Nexus 5, a man who claims to be an LG insider uploaded this photo with the caption ‘NXS 5’. To us we think that this could be the LG L9 2. What do you guys think?  Tell us in the comments below!Image

Who Will Make The Nexus 5?

Nexus 5 conceptLG has been rumored to make the upcoming ‘Nexus 5’ but speculation has changed to the now Google owned Motorola. Last week LG denied that they would be making a Google edition of the G2, but why would LG need to make a Google edition of the phone if its Fraternal twin is a nexus? If Motorola were to make the nexus 5, wouldn’t the moto x be over-shadowed?  And what about Asus? They have made both Nexus 7’s and now they are rumored to make the nexus 10! let me know who you think will be making the nexus 5 in the comments.


The iconic design peeping through

The iconic design peeping through

As you all know, at LG’s ‘G2 day’  their new flagship (the G2) was announced. I have requested for a review unit for the mobile and hopefully I will upload an Unboxing, Review and a head to head phone battle of the Samsung Galaxy S4 VS the G2!

See you guys soon!


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